Welcome Back Campfire

Yummm Yummm Yummm! Ham & Bean Soup and Hot Dogs are the perfect way to kick off the start of another camping season! This weekend Cedar Lake’s staff prepared a wonderful iron kettle batch of homemade Ham & Bean soup! Over 75 campers made it out to enjoy in the delicious event. Throughout the evening campers cooked hot dogs and¬†Rodney, Kenny, and Gregmarshmallows¬†over the open fire, listen to some tunes, played cards, and even tried their hand at Texas Hold’em Cedar Lake style! The weather may have been wet and chilly but we managed to still have a very wonderful party full of friends and fellowship!

Can’t wait till this Saturday, May 5th when we host Wine & Cheese night and Karaoke! Okay, who’s the next Cedar Lake Idol! Cya Soon!

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