Kid’s Fishing Derby

Mother Nature must have known that we were having our Kid’s Fishing Derby this weekend because she blessed us with beautiful weather. Kids from age 3 to 15 came out, fishing poles in hand, to the big and small lake to compete in our annual Kid’s Fishing Derby. We separated the children into two separate age groups, 3-8 and 9-15. At ten o’clock, we officially began fishing and everyone cast their lines. Within seconds, our first fish was caught. After 2 hours of fishing, we caught a total of approximately 150 fish, a rock, a couple sticks and several turtles! At the end of the day, every child received a gift and we awarded six winners total for the largest fish, the most fish caught and the most unique under each age group. We have to attribute all of our success to our amazing volunteers and the wonderful monetary and toy donations that poured in.

Thank you again to all of our volunteers and donators!

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