First Bingo-4-Buck$

April 14th Cedar Lake started off the Bingo Season with a very nice crowd! Roughly 30+Jaron & The Bingo Buck campers were in attendance for a 20 game showdown! Bingo players equipped with their Bingo-Dobbers & “Bingo Up!” T Shirts were very excited to start the season. We introduced our new Bingo-4-Bucks mascot, the “BINGO BUCK!”. Each game we played offered a payout of $13, with a Jackpot Series (3 games) of nearly $300! Congratulations to all of our winners! Remember to get your 2012 “Bingo Up!” T Shirts in the office! Each week you have your shirt on during Bingo, you receive a special prize! This week our guests received new Camping Carrying Bags!

Next Bingo: Saturday, April 21st @ 1pm


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  1. Make sure your not giving out any fattening foods or snacks at bingo this year, at least not until after BIGGEST LOSER event is over! The BEAVER GIRLS are liking this competition, we plan on bringing home the prize purse to the “BEAVER DEN!” for our cruising adventures!!!!! wooo hooo BEAVER GIRLS!!!!

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