Campers’ Comments

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“Thank you for a very nice stay. My wife and kids loved all the activities. Everyone was soooo nice. Your lake will always be remembered for the first time my boys went fishing. (My one son even got a nibble!). ”
-Craig, Brenda, Rory and Max McLeod

“Almost home from a fantastic NCAA Bluechip Basketball tournament in York, PA. We made it a family affair and decided to camp. Got lucky when we booked our stay with Cedar Lake Campground! Great facility, family-oriented, super friendly staff and just plain fun!!! We were able to swim, see awesome fireworks, listen to the band, etc! Heat index was around 115 on Saturday. Everyone headed to the pool. They made sure we all had complimentary fruity drinks poolside. What more could we ask for? I know…air conditioning for our tents? ūüėČ If you are in the area, check them out!!!”
-Karen Schweiger

“Good afternoon this is Jennifer VanFossen, we just camped at your campground this weekend of June 1st. We just wanted to say that we really enjoyed our stay with you. Your campground is beautiful and the primitive woods sites are great. They provide a lot of shade, which is really nice. We really enjoyed the pool and just the friendly atmosphere and people around the campground. You are all so nice and respectful and we will definitely be coming back to camp with you. You made us feel like family and that’s what kind of campground we really like. ”
-Jennifer VanFossen

“Thank you Cedar Lake Campground¬† for always¬† being so warm and inviting for us. A special thanks to Jaron for being so super nice to Sebastian who says he is going to “miss his Jaron”. Thank you all there, best campground ever.”
-Trish Brown

“Cedar Lake Campground is one of the best campgrounds that I have ever been to. I love the pool, playground and everything else about it. I hope when you go again or you go for the 1st time you will enjoy.”
-Destiny Herrington

“I like all parts of the campground. Bingo, the restaurant, food shack, and all the people that work there.”
-Charlie Parker

“I enjoy the beautiful starry nights by the campfire.”
-Tiffany Phy

“I enjoyed the smiles and greetings all the friends and family shares.”
-Sonja Zutell

“I would have to say the pool is what I enjoy the most, and all the great people that work and camp at Cedar Lake!!”
-Lori Tracey

“Cedar Lake is just AWESOME!!! There is always¬†something to do, especially for the kids. The staff and other campers are wonderful. I CAN’T wait to come back in two weeks!!!”
-Hope Heston

“I have been to many campgrounds and I feel that Cedar Lake is my home away from home. I am so comfortable there and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the employees and campers. There is always something to do, if it is just walking and taking in the beautiful grounds, swimming in the pool, crafts for kids, or whatever it is, it is enjoyable. My grandchildren love it there and family and friends is what it is all about!!!!”
-Rose McCauley

“Well this was our second time camping here at Cedar Lake Family Campground and it was once again a wonderful time. We cannot say enough how much the staff is so helpful, and generous. This will definitely be the campground that we will bringing our little girl to once she is born, because it’s a family and we would love to enjoy that experience with all of you. The pool once again was beautiful and so refreshing. The ice cream in the snack shop is out of this world. You will be seeing us again in July and we can’t wait to come back. Thank you all so much for your generosity adn hospitality.”
-Jennifer and Richard VonFossen