4th of July: Flags, Friends and Fireworks

There is not a better way to celebrate a 4th of July than by camping with your friends and family. Because so many people chose Cedar Lake as their destination of choice, we had a weekend packed full of activities. Friday night, we lit up the sky by hosting our own personal firework show. We had a lot of compliments saying that they “just keep getting better year to year”. We hope we can keep that going and make them even better next year! With the temperature around 103 degrees (and that is not the heat index), the pool was a popular location for our campers. To guarentee that they are nice and cool, we broke out the blender and made mudslides, daquiris and pina coladas (virgin, of course) for the swimmers.

The campers took a break from the pool occasionally to enjoy activites such as bingo,kid’s crafts and the golf cart parade. All of the golf carts were covered in red white and blue. Uncle Sam even made an appearance to pass out patriotic leis! We paraded through the campground and neighborhood with flags waving. To check out some of the golf carts, visit the campground facebook page!

We were able to raise money for Make-a-Wish this weekend as well. The Cedar Lake hunks made an appearance to sign autographs! All of their adoring fans brought their calendars to be signed for only a dollar per autograph. We also had the honor of having Dan McMaster, a friend of the campground, offering to hold a tool sale during the signing. Total, we raised around 400 dollars for Make-a-Wish! 

After a long hot day and some rain, the campers relaxed and danced to one of our favorite bands, Borderline. They played a great show, as usual, making it a great way to settle down after a busy Saturday.

Now, the majority of the campers have left and we are back to our normal routine. We want to thank all of the campers for choosing Cedar Lake as the place to celebrate their 4th of July weekend. And from all of us here at Cedar Lake, Happy 4th of July!

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